I need to borrow schooner haliards for a month

I'm hoping to hear back from the Ernestina...

I've sailed/volunteered/worked on Ernestina, Roseway, and
Mystic Whaler. But really I'm a professional sculptor and artist.

I have a big show "Nautical Body" at the Trustman Gallery at Simmons College in Boston aug. 31 - sept 30.

Someone, please let me borrow haliards (two used long ropes) for this period of time. They will not be harmed or altered.

There is a reception on Sept tenth. I need to do a performance singing the "Cape Cod Girls" chantey through a double-speaking trumpet (to project to port and starboard) while some Vannah White-type girls walk around with big wooden props from the chantey (comb, codfish bones, sled, codfish head...)

But I don't want to do all the work, do I? The audience can haul in rhythm and feel sailorly. We end with nice ballentines.

View my work at www.christygeorg.com
and please forward this to anyone who might lend the lines.

Thanks Schooner Ernestina

Paul Brawley came through for me. Thank you SO very much for the loan. This event will be a shindig people will be buzzing about.

I'll make an announcement of thanks at the event, and a promotional mention of Schooner Ernestina, my first and favorite schooner which I first sailed on as a grad student at Massart in 2001.