Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race

I am seeking a berth for the 2009 GCBSR and am willing to pay my way. I was a volunteer for the building of the Sultana but, alas, they don't accept "amateur" crew for the GCBSR. I'm a 58 year old sailor, previous live aboard who sold his boat three years ago due to a bout with cancer. I started sailing in 1958 on a Flite Fish in Barnegat Bay. Now living on land, I travel from South Florida each year to watch the event from shore and stay with a friend who lives aboard at Henderson's Marina in Baltimore. Last year I was a volunteer liaison. I am willing to do whatever it takes to secure a bunk for the race. My cell number is 954 732 4042 if you have room for another crew. Thank you for your consideration.

Looking for a berth in the GCBSR

Hi - please check our website. The boats that accept paying passengers are listed with an asterisk. You are welcome to email to and I will try and give you a call.