Time for baseball

Judging by the sparsity of postings on this site it's a slow news time amongst schooners. Could be most everyone is a bit spent from the stress of all the NASCAR, football, basketball, hockey, soccer and baseball on TV. Those Yankees and Phillies are putting on a terrific show right now, and that's from a Red Sox fan. However, if you have some schooner scuttlebut to reveal you needn't wait for the conclusion of the World Series.

No time for baseball

I don't know Al, but in the last three weekends, and available time in between, I just bolted and drifted in the new stern post, horn timber and keel timber, and just broke another plank while buttoning up the back end of the boat. Even had time to hallow out Sandy's Not-to-Giant - Giant Pumkins in time for carving for Halloween.

But I agree the schooner airwaves have been kinda sparse. By the way congratulations on your sailing at the GCBSR.


Horn timbers and the Yankees

Nice going Peter. Keep at it. You must be feeling good, provided you can ignore that busted plank. We’ll be watching Upcoming Events on the website for the 2011 BLACKBIRD LAUNCH & ASA RENDEVOUS date. And thanks for breaking the ASA website news blackout.

Speaking of horn timbers, GREEN DRAGON has an issue down there with some seams. In Fells Point, just before the GCBSR, in an effort to stem the flow, I was poking a push broom around to get a good swirl of sawdust going under the transom when a sea nettle wandered into the soup. I managed to macerate him some, and as he was added to the mix the leak stopped in an instant, although I can’t rightly say it was any more than coincidence. We made it down the bay and the water never got over the cabin sole, although we did a fair amount of pumping. The boat is now resting comfortably at Rebel Marine in Norfolk following a sawdust reapplication.

Getting back to the topic of baseball, I am not the least upset by the Yankees win last night. They really aren’t as evil as some of my neighbors around here near Boston would make them out. For two years running now we have stopped over in the Bronx enroute to the GCBSR, and I have to say it has become a favorite port of call. Yes, the Bronx. Actually City Island, a very friendly little place, where Red Sox fans are treated kindly. We were berthed at Consolidated Yachts and they love schooners. This year Jay Irwin and I managed a four day stopover there whilst awaiting the right breeze for the run to Cape May. It was the high point of the trip from Maine to Baltimore.