Vintage Schooner Literature

In passing conversation with some folks, I recalled several vintage books that I have enjoyed and wanted to see if there were other books concerning schooners that others knew about and might suggest for purchase. Aside from the usual items of discussion, Fast and Able, Down to the Sea, Chapelle American's Fishing Schooners, and Zeb, some of the books I have also enjoyed include:

Johnson's Westward Bound in the Schooner Yankee (1936), The Yachtsman's Yearbook by Alfred Loomis (1934 and 1935), Warwick Tompkin's books on navigation, Eastward the Sea etc.,

I know Schooner Fred has a great collection of books concerning the Effie Morrison and other topics - but what other vintage books would other members suggest for reading and aquisition?

Might be a good forum topic. Please respond!


schooner literature

I might suggest "Under Sail: The Dredgeboats of Delaware Bay" by my old friend Donald Rolfs. Who would believe that New Jersey had an immense fleet of working schooners in the 19th and early 20th centuries? (Of course if you've seen the AJ Meerwald you might.) Rolfs, who recently passed away, was a Methodist minister in Bivalve, NJ. Many of the local watermen and their families shared stories and photographs of the vessels that worked in Delaware Bay, most of them schooners. The book is a real visual treat for us schoonertrash. You'll recognize the names of a number of vessels now plying the "dude schooner" trade out of Maine; J and E Riggin for example. I think Green Dragon Al has a copy. Might be hard to find a copy. ABE Books on line could be a place to look.

schooner literature

Just a couple of my favorites:
SCHOONER MASTER - A portrait of David Stevens
by Peter Carnahan. Nimbus Publishing Ltd 1989

by Richard Maury. Harcourt, Brace 1939, John de Graff Inc 1971, International Marine 2001
West Marine model # 5097993 paperback
A true classic.

I guess my prejudice for Nova Scotia schooners shows.