A Call for Schooners

The Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia is holding their Wooden Boat Festival the weekend of October 9, 2010. The emphasis of the festival has historically been on small sailing and rowing craft but John Brady (Boat Shop Manager at the museum) would like to get some larger boats involved. He has asked that I bring Quintessence around for the festival and it would be great if a couple of other schooners could attend.

The festival is the weekend before the GCBSR so I know a number of boats will be in transit from Jersey and parts north. It would be a great stopover en route to the race. I know this is months away, but I wanted to let everyone know early so you can think about it when planning your trip to the Chesapeake.

This could be the start of another October schooner event like the Cambridge Rendezvous.

If you have any interest, please drop me an email.

Paul Gray