Calling all Writers (and Photographers)!

~ W&W Article Submission Writing Guidelines and Suggestions ~

Wing & Wing welcomes your articles and photographs for submission to upcoming W&W publications.

Suggested copy writing guidelines:
· Column word count: A typical 3-column article contains approximately 3000 words – over and under this word count is gratefully accepted.
· Photos: Preferably provide color photographs and reduce the original photo to approximately 5”x7” with an original minimum resolution of 150 dpi (dots per inch). The photographs can be further reduced in size to fit within the article as needed.
· Consider writing a series: AKA “…to be continued”. Readers enjoy ongoing accounts to catch the next round of activity in a forthcoming issue.
· Let your personality shine through: People are attracted to the opinions and mindsets of other experienced people.
Have sound structure (and a purpose): Clearly lay out your main points and supporting arguments in a way that is easily understandable for readers.
· Keep your audience in mind: The cardinal rule of copywriting is to know your audience and to relate to them in your writing.
· Consistent writing style. Use active voice. A sentence in active voice flows more smoothly and is easier to understand than the same sentence in passive voice.
· Finally, is there a “Call to Action?”: Don’t be shy in encouraging readers to answer a “Call to Action” – it could be an invitation or reminder to come to an upcoming meeting, an event, enlist in a subscription, join a committee or simply to provide comments and feedback.
· Submission process: Compose your article in any document software, MS Word, Notepad, Wordpad in PC or MAC format. Please insert your related photos in place within the article and correctly identify each.

Please contact Sue Sodon, W&W Editor with all writing submission and photography questions

Happy Writing,

Sue Sodon, W&W Editor