Schooner's Friends

I have frequently been reminded that Blackbird has been around far longer than us and therefore has more friends. As an historical note Myron (Mike)and Kay Arms stopped by this last weekend to see an old family friend, Blackbird, the schooner his grandfather, Myron Arms, had commissioned by Alden and had built by Goudy & Stevens in 1930. The very one we are so lucky to have. Small world. We had a wonderful visit. Really great people. It appears Myron's grandfather Myron commissioned Blackbird to expose and encourage his family to sailing although he apparently was not an avid sailor himself. Well he succeeded. All succeeding generations have been avid yachtsmen and yachtswomen. Myron Arms also known as Mike (and one of several grandsons) recently published another book, True North - Journeys into the Great Northern Ocean; which I have just started reading. He and Kay and their 50' cutter have many miles under the keel in the North Atlantic (over several deacades). He has a very real connection with this part of our world and has also written several other books on related topics, including "Servants of the Fish" (on the read list). We'll do our best to get them up here (from MD) for an ASA social occasion.

In any event, they reconnected with Blackbird because of the ASA website and a simple Google search. And that's a good thing. So, lesson learned, put your schooner information on the website; it may lead to good things. (I apologize for any typos and to heck with the spell checker anyway)


Great books

Thanks for the post, Peter. I've sailed (scooned over) some of the waters Mike writes about and they're spectacular--best cruising I've ever done! And I've read and loved 'Servants of the Fish'--I recommend it to all. I'm looking forward to reading the new one.
Alex Rhinelander
Schooner COMET II