Schooner Adventure Gaining Momentum

Since 2002, the Schooner Adventure has been inaccessible to the public due to ongoing restoration work and the lack of safe access to the vessel. In April, the Schooner Adventure was moved across the harbor to our new home at the Gloucester Marine Railways at Rocky Neck. The vessel will be berthed on the North Pier permitting Schooner Adventure to have continued public access allowing us to offer dockside programming and be viewed from all over the city. A $100,000 grant from the Lynch Foundation has allowed the restoration to continue with the next project of reinstalling the original steering gear and Stoddard wheel.
As the vessel restoration moves forward so does the organization. Joanne Souza has been named as Executive Director of the Gloucester Adventure, Inc. Joanne has been the operations director for 4 years and has been increasingly taking on more of the daily oversight of the organization. This new role will now provide for an executive director that is in the office daily allowing for more efficient decision making and increased public interactions for our organization. Joanne is replacing Marty Krugman who has been serving as Executive Director/President for 16 years. The organization is very grateful for Marty’s contributions these past 20 years. In many ways, Schooner Adventure would not be as far along if it hadn’t been for Marty’s tireless work. Marty will still be “on board” with Schooner Adventure, continuing to serve as president of the Board of Directors. We are very appreciative of his past work and expertise as we move ahead to finish the restoration and begin our operations as a historic and educational facility.
The Gloucester Adventure Board has voted to create three Vice Presidential positions: VP for Restoration and Vessel Operations, Peter Souza; VP for Development, John Morris; and VP for Programs and Events, Jude Holmes. In all, the leadership of The Gloucester Adventure is now more diversified and stronger than at any time in our organization’s history. Thanks to a dedicated Board, great staff, and extraordinary volunteers, we are pressing on to fulfill our mission to complete Adventure’s restoration and sail as a platform for cultural education. In the end, the fact that we saved the Adventure allowing her to sail again will be all that truly matters.