New members take note

We’ll be looking for fresh faces at the Annual Meeting. Newcomers are encouraged to attend the Friday night get-together to get acquainted with our senior members. Most are willing to share their expertise on anything that has to do with building, sailing and fixing schooners of any size or vintage. Subjects as diverse as “Restoring a Schooner in Under Thirty Years”, “Docking Under Full Sail”, “125 Spam Recipes”, “Tips on Living with Deck Leaks”, “Creative Ways to Irk the Captain”, “ Top 60 Bars in Fells Point”, “Making Friends with Fog…A Three Week Maine Cruise”, "Retaliation Strategies For Use Against Your State When it Fails to Support Its Official Schooner” , and “Salvaged Dry Rot Grows Award-Winning Tomatoes” have been discussed in the past. In the photo septuagenarian member Jay McLauchlan, expert on “Dentistry Afloat” is resetting an implant on GREEN DRAGON.

You will find all our sea stories factual and our chanteys always in good taste. And that ain’t no lie.

Al Bezanson

Dental adjustment schooner style.JPG145.63 KB

dental impant

Al: I'll never forget that moment in time. This was my wife's first exposure to the people of ASA, at Baltimore before the race. She said to me quietly "He isn't really going to put his tooth back in with that hammer is he?" A second later, aided by the obvious bottle of anesthetic beside him, he answered her question. Her next question was "You're all crazy aren't you?" She left to drive back to NJ knowing that I was in good company.

New Members and the Pre-meeting gathering

Al- Glad you and Jay are willing to give out all this great advice to us younger members. There are a couple of us who have sailed with some very talented four legged crew, and who might be able to share some practical training if needed. Necessary topics such as: Teaching your dog to dig clams and shuck oysters-a class for half shell enthusiasts, Three important knots even dogs can tie, and my favorite, Fetching the helmsman a beer when the spouse refuses to do so. Newfee training brings things to a higher level- There were some very good reasons why every fishing schooner carried a Newfoundland. Perhaps we could find some film on: Retrieving the owner from mishaps while embarking and disembarking the dingy; and Proper etiquette in carrying a sailor down to his bunk. All very practical lessons, and quite within the abilities of our agile four pawed crew.


Dogs on schooners, etc.

Peter…. about those talented dogs. If members would bring their favorite dog-on-schooner photo to the meeting we might have the makings of The Official American Schooner Association 2011 Boat Dog Calendar. Then, at the Maine Boat Builders Show in March we could spread a few around.

So… This is an order! Bring a photo to Mystic!

PS.. If we don't get enough suitable dog photos we might devote a couple months to Schooner Food photos like Darlene's Award-Winning Spam with Black Eyed Peas and Collard Greens. (See her post below)

New faces?

I can see why you want new faces if that is an example of the old ones!


This is going to be a busy meeting

The astronomers at the Minnesota Planetarium have changed the Zodiac. They have done this due to precession causing a shift in the relative positions of the stars and essentially gone back to the old Babylonian System.

My question and concern is the usefulness of my Astrolabe. Will I be able to find one with the new graduations and signs, or will I have to modernize and start using a sextant. I say this with the recognition that the better Astrolabes were made in the Middle East, but their production was discontinued several centuries ago because of the newfangled instruments being made in Europe.

Jim and Sandy Davis
S/V Isa Lei


... due to their Arabic origin, have been outlawed as Weapons of Math Instruction.



Got it Bill? Peter’s pooch Tiller will open the oysters Friday night. No need to pack your shucking gear but you could bring a few cans of 9 Lives Salmon. She prefers it over Alpo. Tiller and her Newfee pal Effie can stay in my room if they don’t mind snoring.

Jim has a point about it being busy. If a bunch of newcomers show up with topics before we finish retelling ours it will be a long night. I didn’t see anything in the Notice to Mariners so I think he’ll still be OK with his astrolobe.

Schuckin Oysters

Al-I'm not real fast at shucking, and the shells get caught between my teeth, so maybe Barnacle Bill should bring his shucking gear. I hate catfood but am fond of steak and shrimp cocktail. See you at the meeting.

pets and seafood

Hey! Tiller.. maybe I'll bring my cat Minnie (short for Minnie the Moocher). She'll definitely arm wrassle you for the salmon or preferably something even smellier in a can. She hates steak, shrimp or anything classy. Guess that's why she likes me and Greg so much. Come to think of it she wouldn't leave Al alone when he visited either. I suspect that he may have poured her some rum and Moxie..
Barnacle Bill

Narrow this down a bit

Darlene Alexander: Can we get a list of the top 20 bars in Fells Point ( I think I am familiar with most of them) and maybe 25 or so Spam recipes into the conversation before 2300 hr. I can't stay up much past that.
I am a Southern Girl born and bred. I was always taught if you lost a tooth while sailing, fishing, etc, you just take a drink of the handiest anthestic and move on (yes, even the kids).

Hockey teams --- sign up

-13F last night where I live in Mass. The cove in Mystic will be frozen solid. We could have a hockey playoff amongst these three teams:

Green Schooners
Black Schooners
All the Other Schooners

Bring an oar

Twenty years ago I was on the board of the International Crab Hockey Association. Our motto was "Beer isn't just for breakfast anymore". We got a bunch of guys and dug some big frozen Joshua crabs out from under the ice, and each team had a dog to help chase the crab. We wacked them around with oars and used the unopened beer cans as goal markers. Didn't need skates. It was a short lived association, ran low on crabs our first game, but we did have a raucus first and only annual association meeting. I'll bring Tiller and an oar, and we'll see if we can roust up a game. Worst case we can burn some socks out on the ice.

Hockey – switching sides

I grew up playing hockey on a flooded pasture where the pucks were frozen cow flaps. Less damaging than frozen crabs when you took a hit in the face. Unless it was 10 below. I have a few hat tricks to my credit, and if needed to help level the playing field I would be willing to switch sides to Others or Blacks. GREEN DRAGON in previous lives has been black, robins egg blue and white.

Hockey? What's hockey?

Down here in South Jersey we dont get ice persisting long enough to do much with it except put it in our drinks. In October just before Halloween, to celebrate the end of the season we participate in a sport called "Bobbing for Hardcrabs". We use a washtub filled with good Bivalve black mud and Maurice River ebb tide water. The contestants are blindfolded, their hands tied behind their backs and they then attempt to, within 2 minutes, come out with as many crabs as they can. Crabs attached to nose, ears, etc. still qualify. Now our crabs down here are Callinectes sapidus, portunid or swimming crabs. Not your slow bottom-creeping New England kind. So this can be a real challenge. Obviously this is not a team sport. It also goes a long way toward explaining why our watermen look and act like they do.
Barnacle Bill

Bobbing for Hardcrabs

Bill... is this sport copyrighted? The ASA might be interested in adopting it to process members whose dues are in arrears.

With the weather we have been having

If it looks like there will be sufficient fresh raw material available I can bring my mixer for Schooner Ice Cream. However freshness of the raw material is of vital importance.

Jim and Sandy Davis
S/V Isa Lei

What's Hockey

We don't play crab hockey with live crabs, our crabs are dead, its a little safer that way. You guys are over the top.