What do I have Here?

My name is Bob Underwood and I am a broker with Whiteaker Yacht Sales. I am not trying to sell or list anything with you I am only trying to do research on a boat I am about to list.

I have included a few photos, I will take more soon and I would be happy to send them to you.

I believe this boat to be Evanthia II, an Eldredge-McInnis design gaff rigged schooner. As you enter the companionway there is an original plate which reads Geo F. Lawson. I researched Mystic Seaport and I found the catalog 94.77 SP.1992.82.94.77 which notes the Evanthia II built by Frank Lawson 1929. The owner says the boat is 1930. The plan number is 165. I do not know if there was only one built and named Evanthia II or what. It is the only schooner design which shows being built by Frank Lawson.

The owner has owned the boat for 32 years but I really do not believe he knows what type boat he actually owns. He thinks it was built to be raced in the Americas Cup which I am sure is wrong.

The hull has been fiberglassed over but all the wooden structure is still intact inside. I know the bowsprit has been replaced and is not original and she used to have running backstays and that has been converted to a single backstay.

The owner says the LOA is 51 but I measured her at the dock and I believe her to be much closer to the 47.5 LOA of the Evanthia II described in the Mystic catalog.

I love old boats and already have the 1954 96ft Ingalls Victory and a 1946 Falconer trawler listed.

Since this is only my listing and I do not know at this time what I will list her for I just cannot pay the $40 a page for the plans listed in the catalog number above, especially since I do not even know for sure if this is the same design.

Any help your experts could lend to help me solve this mystery would be greatly appreciated.


Bob Underwood
Whiteaker Yacht Sales
email bob@whiteakeryachtsales.com
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