Maine Boat Builders Show Event

Special Big Thanks to Joanna and Phin at Portland Yacht Services for supporting the ASA.

Regular thanks to all that came up to make a successful event over three days of tending the booth, shaking hands, stopping by and talking schooners (Fred and Mary Anne, Sam and Jeanette, Alex and Catherine, Dave and Carol, Al, Bill, Bobby, Susan, James(Thompson), Frank (Luke), Ben (Fuller), Amy (Seabags), and all the rest, and too many more to mention. We added from 6-8 new members, which is pretty good.

We also set a few show records at the annual dinner -

1. Only one Search and Rescue mission performed
2. Best oysters ever (Al)
3. Record time shucking 100 oysters (Bill)
4. No rum left over (everyone)
5. Thickest steaks ever grilled (56 minutes to rare)
6. Grill did not catch on fire (Dave)
7. No steak leftovers for lunch (everyone)
8. Number of people attended (26)
9. Number of Schooner dogs (3)
10. Largest international attendance (5)
11. Best home made mead and bread (Fred)
12. Best Brownies - (Jeannette and Amy)
13. Best Cigars and Tallest tale - (James)
14. Fantastic dinner presentation (Sandy)

Thanks for all the help. A great show effort. Lots of fun. Hope to see you next year. Let's get a good article in for W&W to promote PYS and the show for 2012.


Blackbird's SAR

Only one SAR with 26 attendees. A slow night. Obviously a gathering of expert navigators. For the most part. This was no small feat. Not included with the early arrivals were the undersigned and his passenger, Barnacle Bill. We were touring the Casco Bay Region, guided by GARMIN which seemed to be operating in trial and error mode. As we refueled we we were advised that "You can't get there from here." Ordinarily we'd have had a road map handy but it had been eaten by Maggie who was crazed by the faint smudge from a whoopie pie. And then, as if by magic, Blackbird appeared to lead us in.

Here's Blackbird, aka Peter, with Mary Anne McQuillan and her talented Effie, expert at watery SARs. Mr. and Mrs. Blackbird outdid themselves. It was all 14 of the above and then some.

All I can say

You have to look at it from the perspective of PAWS. With the possible exception of Zac we look at paper as a delicacy. If it is topped with Woopie Pie or some other fine condiment even better. I know I've eaten my fair share. If you humans don't want to tempt us, keep you treats put away.

Anyway the story has a happy ending with a PAWS "Plank Owner" saving the day. Well done Effie.

Max Davis
S/V Isa Lei

Sandy's Banquet

Yo Max. Too bad you were unable to make the trip up here. You would have enjoyed sharing this dinner with Effie. No matter. She had no trouble finishing it unaided.

That's Sandy in the background taking a break from organizing, producing and serving a fantastic banquet.

Rescued from the Maine woods

As the driver of Al's BMW that evening and on behalf of my erstwhile navigator, Al, I extend a hearty thanks to Peter for rescuing us from an uncertain fate. Surrounded by strange natives in plaid jackets and flop-eared hats the movie Deliverance kept rushing into my mind. They may have been friendly but their lack of sufficient dentition probably kept them from conveying the correct directions to us. The banquet that followed our rescue was superb! Just check out those steaks! My cat Minnie is pawing at the screen as I write this. This could be an annual outing for me in the future. Too bad Peter wouldn't let us put Al's Garmin on the barbecue.

Yes you were lucky

I was glad to have received the SAR call. It could have gone ill. Unbeknown to many, some of the bred and born crave oysters and had it been widely known the precious cargo that you carried in your trunk, you could have ended up in a compromising position on some dark and untravelled road. Thank god you were driving a BMW with MA plates as they have become more frequent here and there appears to be a growing and supportive group of compatriots that would have been more than likely to pass by and help out. No insult meant, but before long a properly dentured vacationland home owner would have inevitably stopped by and enunciated proper directions in a foreign dialect that you would have understood and allowed you to get you along your way. On the otherside, when you called and admitted you couldn't get here from there, and were instructed, "not to move a god damn inch" you smartly took the advice and the rescue was sucessfully affected. We were all glad to have that fantastic case of oysters shucked and served out to the gratefull masses in record time! 2012 is just around the corner so better upgrade the navigator or equipment!

About that Beemer

I knew this one would be coming as soon as I saw Bill's "Maine Woods" comment. Next year we will be in my '89 F250 if I can get all the brakes working. Maggie will be chained in the back. A road map will be duct-taped to the dash and there'll be no GARMIN blabbin' at us. Said '99 Beemer has 248,787 miles and gets me places quick. At 29 mpg. This is no small advantage since Green Dragon variously lives 65 miles, 565 miles or 219 miles from my home. And she's not what you would call a low maintenance boat. Fold down those back seats and you'd be amazed how much you can cram into that little car. And besides that, when duty calls she gets me to OH, NC, Quebec or Ontario with less aggravation than flying.


...with wheels like that why haven't you made waaay down east to Lunenburg, NS???

Waaay down east

Well, duty called and with the aid of wings and wheels I managed to get down there to Lunenburg this week. It was a matter of haddock, but that was resolved with authority and dispatch, allowing some time to poke around the waterfront where I stumbled across the winter hiding place of Comet II (no longer blue!!) surrounded by a small flock of other beautiful NSSA schooners. Time to to get to work boys for Race Week will be here before you know it.

And Bluenose II! You can watch her grow on the webcam, but there's nothing like standing next to her. She's massive when viewed from below. Talked to some of the shipwrights from Snyder's and Covey Island Boatworks on the restoration gang at mug-up yesterday. I had met a couple of them at the MBBS.

For those with schoonerly interests I've got to say there's no finer place to be than Lunenburg, and anyone who can manage a trip there to see Bluenose II's restoration in progress will be thrilled. When you go stop by Tim Horton's and pick up a ration of coffee and donuts for the gang's 10 o'clock mug-up.