Articles by Tom Gallant & Randy Peffer

Received the new Wooden Boat Magazine and was happy to see a great article about Son of a Gun, David Westergard and the Schooners of Eastern Canada. Son of a Gun is a nice looking, fast Tancook whaler, a 40' open schooner. Tom Gallant is a member of the NSSA and a author. He used to write some good rants in Wing and Wing, including a special one about the difference between a schooner and a yacht. He has written for many magazines and has a new, hard to find, book called A Hard Chance: Sailing into the Heart of Love.

Randy Peffer from the ASA had an article about sailing with kids called The Powder Monkey Factor published in the Dec Sail Magazine. Randy has written several books - including "Logs of the Dead Pirates Society", "Watermen", and a novel "Killing Neptunes Daughter", as well as more than 50 Sail articles and some stuff for the Lonely Planet travel series as well as other magazine articles.

Thanks, Fred...

...for posting this. I just read my WB this morhing (ahh, the first day of a teacher's Christmas Vacation), and I was going to post something similar. I've raced against Son of a Gun ever since she appeared and can echo everything Tom says about her -- speedy and beautiful!

I strongly encourage everyone to find (not too hard, just search on and read Tom's book A Hard Chance. It's one of the best books I've stuck my nose into in years. Truly moving and uplifting.

BTW, have a close look at the main photo on page 4 of the WB: you'll see the ASA banner flying over Bob Pulsch's HERON at the WB Show in Newport this summer. (Hey Bob, when are we going to see a Heron entry online?)
Alex Rhinelander
Schooner COMET II