12 Week Boatbuilding Skills Program / Internship at The Apprenticeshop in Rockland, Maine

From Graham Walsh at The Apprenticeshop:

For those who want to learn the foundations of traditional boat building through an in-depth and hands-on program in one of the finest and oldest traditional boat building schools in the country – right on the coast of Maine - where time-honored skills and traditions are practiced, The Apprenticeshop offers a unique 12-week Boatbuilding Skills Program / Internship.

Along with a thorough introduction to shop safety and the proper use of hand and power tools, the 12 Week Program teaches students how to build a classic New England boat, the Susan Skiff. The building process includes use of traditional tools like the block plane, the spokeshave, the backing iron, and the drawknife. The Apprenticeshop also has a complete set of power tools including band saws, table saws, jointers, and planers. Students learn how to set up a strongback and molds for building. They learn how to select wood for boat parts, and they develop the skills for planking, and finishing the interior of a lapstrake hull while working with carvel planking for the cross-planked bottom. Fastening techniques covered are for counter-sunk silicon bronze screws and copper nails and roves used in riveting.

Application techniques of modern adhesives and bedding compounds are also covered along with traditional methods for wood preservation. Students then sand the boat in preparation for priming and painting with the high-grade marine coatings leading up to their boat’s launch along with other student projects of The Apprenticeshop community.

Students who have the most successful experience are curious and self-motivated individuals willing to seek help, lend a hand, and ask questions as they follow a the course curriculum. They work independently, while receiving supervision and instruction from a dedicated teacher. Students should be 18-years or older, but need not have prior experience in boatbuilding.

While enrolled in the 12 week program students have the opportunity to learn about other boats under construction at The Apprenticeshop during our Friday Walk-around. They may also choose to participate in The Apprenticeshop’s Friday Activities including seamanship programs, sailing, field trips, and Apprenticeshop community projects.

Schedule & Fees: The 2011 – 2012 12 Week Boatbuilding Skills Program / Internship is scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 PM. is offered three times a year: September 26th - December 16th, January 3rd - March 25th and April 4th - June 24th. Tuition is $6,000.00, and for the cost of materials, approximately $600.00, interns may take their skiff home with them.

Since 1972, The Apprenticeshop has been dedicated to inspiring personal growth through craftsmanship, community and traditions of the sea. Located on the waterfront in Rockland Maine, the Apprenticeshop offers programing for youth and adults that ranges from 2 hours to 2 years. Students of all ages come to The Apprenticeshop from around the world to learn traditional boat building skills, sailing and maritime arts. The Apprenticeshop is recognized as one of the finest and oldest traditional boat building schools in the country.

For more information and to download an application for the 12 Week Boatbuilding Skills Program / Internship please visit www.apprenticeshop.org or email us at info@apprenticeshop.org or call (207) 594-1800.