Annual ASA meeting

I'm already making plans to attend this coming years event. Our plans are to travel by train from Baltimore to Mystic. So far Paul Schaub, Nan Nawrocki and I are making the journey by train. Anyone else?
We had a great time on the last train adventure until a blizzard closed down air and road travel South of New York. Guess where a bunch of those stranded passengers decided to look for alternative travel?
Anyway, it was great fun and I'm ready to do it again.
Can we get a confirmation date posted on the site so our plans can be confirmed?
By the way, I heard there may be a theme for the pre-meeting gathering on Friday night that would include SPAM recipes?? Any truth to this?,Al?

Spam Contest

Al I like the idea, but here is a twist. Lets make the judging less subjective. How about simple a door prize, like a bottle of rum, for the person who can produce the oldest can of spam (vintage spam) from the ships stores or locker. Two years ago we found a can a Spam circa 1995. We opened it; it looked good, smelled good so we had it with breakfast. I may have eaten myself out of the contest, but I will chip in for the door prize. Then the loosers can have a spam cook-off for breakfast in the parking lot on Saturday morning for yet another door prize.

Unofficially speaking

Darlene, I have been in contact with a senior member of the ASA and he says not to worry, an official announcement about the Annual Meeting will be made in due course, and we should set aside the first weekend in February to meet in Mystic as usual. Last year when I checked out of the Hampton Inn I was assured we would be allowed to return in 2012. In fact, as a result of the good behavior of our members and their dogs they will grant us a more generous discount.

Now you should not be asking me about the menu because you know I am fond of anything you dish up. Especially if it includes SPAM. This year, to add interest, I will bring a crate of mystery cans that I just discovered under a bunk in the forepeak when I decommissioned Green Dragon for the season. It is my practice to remove the labels before stowing lest they end up in the bilge. These cans somehow have escaped my notice for several years. At the time they were stowed I knew just what was what but that was then and this is now.

That train ride seems like the ideal way to go. Maybe Amtrak will add a private car if you round up enough Baltimoreans.

Vintage SPAM

Peter, I would say Darlene is onto something here for surely there is no recipe that cannot be improved with SPAM. Or chocolate. About those vintage cans.... do you have any with a wind-up key attached for removing the top? SPAM in those days was the real thing, with adequate sodium and not overly-lean.

I'm not sure the parking lot will be available for a cook-off. It has been reserved for Outward Bound schooner crews to build their lean-tos.


Vintage SPAM?

Darlene Alexander

That would indicate that the crew is not eating the SPAM. I have no vintage cans on board. I have no vintage cans at home. We eat all that we get. I suggest that all vintage cans brought to the gathering Friday night will be opened and consumed.

Butterfly Hatch

Al, maybe you should keep one of those unidentified cans to prop up your butterfly hatch. I really think it is such a waste to use a perfectly good can of SPAM as you have done in the past. Paul

Optimum ventilation

Paul, nothing works like a SPAM can. The height provides optimum airflow except in the Chesapeake where two cans (stacked) are required. In Maine we use a single can on its side. Try stacking soup cans with seamed bottoms. Some years back when DINTY MOORE was our thing a crew member narrowly escaped serious injury when a 1-1/2 pounder landed in his bunk one night when we beating to windward.

Patriots - Ravens

Around here people are crazy with anticipation for next Sunday's game. The Boston and Baltimore mayors have a bet going, so I, as a member of both the ASA Gulf of Maine Chapter and the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, have decreed that dessert at the Annual Meeting Friday Night Gathering will be provided by the MACs if the Ravens lose or the GOMs if the Patriots lose. These will of course be the Official Desserts of the States of Maryland or Maine, namely Eight Layer Smith Island Cake or Whoopie Pies.

Green Dragon

8 Layer cake?

8 layer cake? I havent seen that many Smith island cakes, but they always had more than 8 layers. 11 or so, and they keep making more.
Anyway, I hope Darlene doesnt have to bring a Smaith Island Cake, but I promise to bring Berger Cookies.
Berger cookies would be the UN-official desert of Baltimore. It is a shortbread cookie with chocalate icing. LOTS of chocolate icing. just enough cookie to be a handle for the chocolate.

A Gracious gesture...

Hey Al,

Despite the outcome of yesterdays contest, I think it would be a very gracious gesture to provide the aformentioned Whoopie Pies (if for no other reason than to indoctrinate the uninitiated).

I find that I will be attending the meeting after all and as a completely geographically neutral and thoroughly disinterested third party I will try to bring a PA Dutch Funny Cake to add to the dessert tray.


Just desserts

Good suggestion. It was a narrow victory for the Patriots and could easily have gone the other way. The GOM chapter already had plans to try to alleviate the grieving in Baltimore and compensate Darlene for the arduous task she is facing with that monstrous cake.

What to bring is a complicated matter however because six states, each with its own Official Dessert, are represented by the New England Patriots. Additionally, it turns out whoopie pies are not a dessert but a snack according to authorities in Maine, and some in our group consider them to be so unhealthy that it would be unwise and a potential liability to put them before our members.

Sorry about this. You have no idea how contentious this whole business has become within GOM. You might look within your own state however because some claim WPs were invented there by the Dutch.

Graciously Unjust


You should have done your research before you had a contentious argument with yourself. CT, VT, NH and RI do not have official state deserts. So we accept your offer of a Boston Cream Pie, and if you wish to bow to traditions in Maine, just garnish it with a few low bush wild blueberries, in absence of these high bush will do. Otherwise just bring some blueberry stuffed olives for a mainetini.

whoopie pies are from PA

Being half pennsylvanischdeitsch (my Mom was a Kleintop) I can attest that they were invented in S.E. PA (there was a story about them on "Splendid Table" the other day). They even sell them at the local PA Deitsch farmers' market here in DE (DE used to be part of PA but was expelled for un-Pennsylvanian behavior).

We also invented the shoo-fly pie:

And scrapple, no matter what the Dullawurrians say. And Schnitz und Gnepp. And pretzels. I could go on for days about my people's culinary contributions to the world.

And we are not @#$%^ Dutch!

Geschenkte Gaul, guck net im Maul,
Greg DeCowsky


Darlene Alexander
I can only speak for myself, of course, but, as Secretary of ASA-MAC I would like to accept that challenge. I will deliver the Smith Island Cake if by some miracle the Ravens lose. Exactly what is a Whoopie pie?? Sbould I be excited for my first taste??

Let them eat cake!

Darlene, you are fantastic! I have surveyed the GOM Chapter and they won't mind if you up the number of layers.

Green Dragon

What's a Whooppie Pie?????

Spamappetizers for gam.

Got some SPAMelicious ideas for Friday night.

Al, if those cans are SPAM cans they must be old if they had paper labels! The cans have been painted for years. or are you bringing cans of assorted beans?? mmmmm! SPAM and beans!

Hey I sailed a lot of miles

Hey I sailed a lot of miles on the Green Dragon and I never got spamm, in fact I even slept over it and didn't even smell it,then when I saw the photo I though it was from another vessel. In the book I mentioned about having creamy peanuy butter one or two day's then a switch to crunchy for a change. Al has to have the oldest can because it is his first, he takes off the lables so the crew never know. Athough I did come home the same weigh as when when I signed on. J


I love whoopee pies.. Go Ravens

ASA Annual meeting

A L Roper II MD
It has been set up to have a tour of the MORGAN which is being restored at Mystic Seaport. Unfortunately the only time this could be set up is on FRIDAY, 1500, Feb 3rd. This should be a lot of fun for any of us who can get there in time. I realize many of us will not arrive until later on Friday, or even Saturday. If it looks like you can make it, please respond to, so a rough count can be made. Al Roper

Smith Island Cake.

I am witness that Darlene has procured a Smith Island Cake, to satisfy Al's sweet tooth. I am not sure yet how we will carry it on the train, but we can work it out.
I do hope no one thinks this might be healthier than a whoopee pie.
The bakery had one on display, that had 11 layers, that means 11 layers of cake AND 11 layers of icing. We shall have to wait until Friday to see how many layers this one has.
When the lady in the bakery heard about the bet, she seemed to be upset about the Raven's loss, and offered to write a message on the cake, but Darlene didn't let her.
For Darlene and myself,
We hope to see, and hear, all of you this coming weekend.
Paul S


Spam a l'Orange?
Spam in white wine sauce?
Spam Alfredo?
Spam on the half shell (what to do with those extra oyster shells)?
Spam with Moxie gravy?


We look forward to NJ's best Spam recipie

Bring a hotplate and some Maraschino cherries...

... & I can make spam with rum glaze.


Would that go well on with baked stuffed spoysters on the half shell?


Throw out the Spam and eat the shells!

SPAM Linked to Diabetes

"University of Washington researchers conducted a study of Native Americans and their consumption of the processed meat called SPAM. Of the total number of study subjects, the group that consumed the most SPAM had a 63 percent greater type 2 diabetes risk than the group consuming the least amount."

They don't mention SpamLite though. Or Berger cookies....