Schooner Nordlys - looking for info

I am trying to locate information on the
72ft schooner Nordlys that was built for Chester Boles in 1935. I
owned her in the early 60's. is it possible there would be study plans
still available in the archives. I believe Nordlys was built at the
Hodgeson yard, any information would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Harold F. Palmer


A 71 schooner Nordyls is listed as being built for Chester Bowles by Robert Jacob in City Island NY, at what is now Consolidated Yacht Yard. I would start there. If you know the designer, then you would have to look to one of the museums who archives the plans of that designer, if the plans still exist. That would include either Mystic or MIT Hart Museum

Nordyls history

You might speak to Wes Rodstrom at Consolidated Yachts Consolidated Yachts

and also contact City Island Museum