George H Moffett jr

I learned recently that George Moffett, former Captain of Mystic Seaport's schooner BRILLIANT, died on Feb 25, 2012. I am posting this link to his obit in case any members had not heard. George was a former member of the ASA and past Treasurer of the organization. He supported our club events and rendezvous whenever BRILLIANT's schedule permitted. He was also honorary Navigator and Tactician on many of our "racing" schooners: "Just follow George"! Not a bad philosophy for life either.

Vern Brady

George Moffett


Thank you for providing the information on George. We saw him last at the boat show in 2011 and he was as enthusiastic as ever and very upbeat. I had not known his life history and that did much to fill out the person, his life journey and the basis of his philosophies. He was a uniquely kind and gracious individual that we would all do well to exemplify in our own daily lives. He will no doubt be missed by many who met and knew him.