GOOD FORTUNE'S small world

About 5:30 AM, following the Crocker Race celebration at Crocker's Boat Yard, Matt Sutphin from TYRONE, Ted Romanoski from GOOD FORTUNE and I made our way over to Gloucester for a hearty fishermen's breakfast. In the course of this we heard about Ted's restoration project on his 1939 Crocker-designed Tancook whaler GOOD FORTUNE, which prompted Matt to remark casually that his family's operation, Lee's Ship Building in Harwich, Mass. "built a couple of those." When he said one was the LAURA S a stunned Ted reeled and exclaimed, "That's my boat!"

Ted has been caring for GOOD FORTUNE, ex-LAURA S for ten years and has been accumulating details of her history, but this was a revelation. Matt recalled sailing on her and has knowledge of her previous owners.

LAURA S sailing out of Cape Cod. Ted has a photo of a beaming young Olivia de Haviland at the helm.

GOOD FORTUNE in recent times. Watch for a story in Wing and Wing on Ted's restoration of this beautiful schooner.

Al Bezanson

GOOD FORTUNE'S small world

Thanks to Al and Matt,
Our breakfast conversation has lead to filling in a lot of holes in my knowledge of Good Fortune(Laura S)'s history. The stories, the pictures, and even a painting still hung in the original families living room! Again Thank you,