Great American Schooner Yachts

For those interested, a beautiful new coffee table sized book dedicated to American designed schooner yachts, was authored by Rudolf (Bjorn) Arp and published recently by Schiffer. The book contains 230 pages of fabulous illustrations, historical and current photographs, in depth histories, and descriptions of restorations of 34 surviving yachts from 23 American yacht designers including: Alden, Burgess Chesebrough, Cox and Stevens, Crocker, Crowninshield, Ferris, Geary, Gielow, Gruber, Hand, Nat and Lewis Herreshoff, Hoyt, McInnis, Mower, Paine, Rotch, Shock, Stephens, Stone, Wells and Wayland.

While it was not the intention of the author to include all existing yachts or all designers, the book none the less captures an incredible and fascinating cross section of surviving schooner yachts and designs, and does a great job telling the story behind each vessel and acknowledging the dedication of owners and institutions that have restored them. As a matter of interest, the ASA is kindly acknowledged in Rudolf’s introduction and several current and former ASA member’s boats are featured in the book. Great American Schooner Yachts is well worth adding to your schooner library.