Sandy aftermath

Many of us are anxious to hear some good news in the aftermath of Sandy. I can report Green Dragon came through OK on her mooring in Manchester, Mass. Crocker's Boat Yard turned to with preparations and stood by with their tug. It 'blew hard' but there was no significant damage to their boats or facility.

I just spoke to Jim and Sandy Davis who are enroute south in Isa Lei. They were snugged to the bulkhead in South Mills, NC at the southerly end of the Dismal Swamp Canal for the duration of the storm. Jim said it was a perfect refuge.

The purpose of this post is to establish a check-in thread.

Al Bezanson

Checking In- Sandy Aftermath

Thanks for the post Al. Checking in- We were too far away to be affected adversely in Maine.

Anxious for news from down south, fingers crossed and hoping for the best. BB

Quintessence is OK

I had Quintessence downrigged and hauled Friday. She was on the hard and made it through Sandy unscathed.

There was extensive flooding at the boatyard, 4' worth, and one small boat floated off her stands. She was retrieved with no problems. Not a single boat was damaged.

I spoke with Bill deRouville and they have power back and are in the process of cleaning up. Many volunteers cleaning out ruined stock and mud. Bill took the precaution of lifting a lot of their equipment up a couple of feet, never expecting to see four feet of water.

The surrounding marinas have sufferend extensive damage to their facilities and the boats at the yards. Many, many boats floated off their stands and ended up stacked around the yards. Others in slips couldn't handle the 4' water rise. Lots of boats lost.

You may have seen some of the devastation in the Toms River, Seaside Heights, Bay Head areas of NJ. Toms River is right across Barnegat Bay from Seaside. The amusement park that is now mostly in the ocean is clearly visible from Toms River in front of my slip.

Sandy cut right through the barrier island at Mantoloking and created a new inlet. Take a look at

This is only a few miles from my boat. My sailmaker is just on the other side of that bridge.

I am actually pretty amazed that Quintessence wasn't damaged at all.

Schooner Quintessence


Glad to hear Q and GD are doing OK.

I talked to Rick Carrion on Tues. He spent the night aboard ELF tucked away at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. No damage sustained. We are hoping to sail her on Sunday.

Greg DeCowsky


The schooner Celebration is riding high with the tides but doing fine in Sue Creek, Middle River, Md.

Vincent Archetto and Antonina

I just traded emails with Vince. He was safely tied up at a friends near Baltimore en route to Ponce Inlet, Fl during Sandy and all is well.


Irena rode out Sandy on a mooring at Boothbay Harbor shipyard Maine. Where the moorings are oversize due to their usual clientele (recently BOUNTY}.

Tyrone OK

I contacted Matt Sutphin knowing Tyrone's home port of Chatham, Mass. on the south side of Cape Cod got pretty well pounded. It seems he was toughing it out comfortably all the while at the National Sailing Hall of Fame dock in Annapolis. It so happened he was there a few days earlier at the invitation of Bjorn Arp for an on-board signing event for his Great American Schooner Yachts book. Tyrone is now in St. Michaels.


Saw Tyrone today at St. Michaels,MD while attending their annual Oysterfest. She was tied up to the bulkhead next to Elf; looked terrific!

Tide Skipper OK

I was in Gloucester today and took a few minutes at lunchtime to check up on new member Dom Nesta's Tide Skipper. Gloucester Schooner Festival participants know this as the munchkin delivery boat. Dom (15) and Max Ramsey (14) received the ASA Rendezvous Award this year -- an ASA burgee which has been displayed proudly ever since atop Tide Skipper's mast. It blew so hard during Sandy that Dom, fearing the burgee might shred, scurried out and stowed it for the first time -- reluctantly, I was told by his father. (Dom was in school during my visit.)

In 1898 Ernestina (then Effie M Morrissey) blew ashore in a November nor'easter very close to the spot in Smith Cove where Tide Skipper is docked.

Sugar Babe OK

Wondered where Sugar Babe may have migrated and it was just revealed here

Hiding up the river