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Our website software is currently being updated. During this time you might experience that some data and/or functionality might not be working. As you navigate the site and find an issue please reach out to me and Chris will correct it.

Thank you

ASA Website

Chris is currently working on restoring photos.

Ready, set, post!

Susan -- Our members and other visitors to this website are indebted to you and Chris for taking on this project. Alex, for his initial effort in establishing the site and investing countless hours maintaining and improving it over the years is a hero to us all.

I think there would be no finer way to compensate the aforementioned people than for members to make more use of the site. Our group includes so many important boats and extraordinary people with stories to share that amschooner has the potential to become much richer.

To encourage more participation you might include more posting tips in the Member Area.

ASA Website

That is plan!!!

Once we can get the software up to date our hope is to make posting more straightforward and engaging.

Any suggestions for improvements will be considered to be carried out.

How can we help

Is there anything we can do to help restore photos.  I realy lack the time to rebuild all of Blackbbird's info but will do what i can with time if instructed how. I assume other owners may be willing to help as they can with that task, if it can't be done more easily through some programming fix...BB

Adding new photos

I am no techie but I'll say it is a simple matter now to add new photos -- if they are situated on an external website.   And now it is much easier to add a photo in a comment  -- like this:

.                                      Green Dragon crew, 1968 Great Gloucester Schooner Race


It's a piece of cake.  You can even adjust the position and size.  Try it!

Adding Photos ?

Al - How do we get the photos back displayed on the schooner pages.  External website, Image URL ?  Why do I need an external website? Whats wrong with my URL, why does it need an image.  Too high tech for us Mainers.  I'll let you explain it to me overa glass of rum at the annual meeting sock burning festivities in the parking lot at Mystic.  

Bloggin' 101

Criminy Peter, how would I know how to extricate those old photos off your computer?  I'm closin' in on octogenarianism and can't even operate my VCR.  It's clear that we all need to work on this -- assuming we're educable.  So -- there are new arrangements for Friday night in Mystic at the next meeting.  A crack  team of consultants, local third graders, has been called in to conduct a short course in bloggin' in the training room.  The only compensation they are seeking is a generous supply of Mystic pizza.  Of course this means no adult beverages at the site. Only those who pass the bloggin' exam at will be permitted access to the latter.  


re Bloggin

Well Al sounds complicated and given my declinig acumen with increasing age, if you are going to administer a test, perhaps its not worth the trip down afterall

External websites?

I use photobucket...there are many others, upload the photo to there first, then copy a certain link out of several formats available, paste them in my comments, presto! "direct link" used here.

Julie on deck of our classic 36ft, 1965 Chris Craft Challenger, "Bimini Isle"
Finally got the pic size editor to work!  Just click on the pic and drag the corner!  A good pixel count is 400 x 300.