( photo by Jeff Smith)

Owner: Robert & Roberta Pulsch, Port Monmouth NJ
Home Port: Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Designer: B.B. Crowninshield
Builder: R.J. Green Co. Chelsea, MA
Launched: 1911
Restoration: Robert Pulsch - 1996-2002


LOD 45'6"; LOA 53'; LWL 33'
Beam 9'2"; Draft 6'3"
Rig: Gaff Schooner; sail area 900
Construction: Frames: white oak; Plank/hull: white cedar, Garboard Planks: Honduras Maghogany; Fastenings: silicon bronze
Power: Westerbeke 35B

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Fantastic work on Heron's pages

Kudos to Bill Comella, whose pages on Heron are as impressive in their way as was Bob's restoration of Heron herself! My section on Comet II has sat fallow for long enough. Time for me to get to work!
Alex Rhinelander
Schooner COMET II

Heron sunk

I have mixed emotions today. I just found out from the ships newsgroup, that Heron, which had been lost to me for so long has met with a fate that now saddens me.
I do hope that she has not been destroyed. To find her and loose her again in the same moment is too much.
I learned to sail on that wonderful ship. Many wonderful memories with Dr. Horace Pettit and His wife Jane in cruises on Penobscot Bay in Maine.


This is the Heron being raised on May 15, 2007 after sinking in the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Video's will be posted to me website at http://www.GreenTV.com

Thank you,


Video of Heron being raised.

I never saw it posted anywhere. Does anyone have any information about the video?

URL for Heron video


Alex Rhinelander
Schooner COMET II

Will Heron sail again?

I was heartbroken to learn of Heron's collision and sinking in the C & D Canal, and at the same time so glad that owner and crew/family all survived...a miracle of the first order from the report that I read.

My late father, Dr. Kenneth Scott, owned Heron for a few years, ca. 1947-49, buying her from, and selling her back to, Dr. Horace Petit. My late brother, David, skippered her on charters out of Nantucket, and I, 13 years younger, cruised on her several times. Heron looms large in my treasured memories, hence my sincere hope that she will have another life.

Can anyone tell me the status and future, if any, of Heron?

With thanks in advance, and my e-mail is adscott@myfairpoint.net

P.S. I am new to this association, today in fact, and hope my inquiry is appropriate and proper.


Heron was purchased by a salvager who intended to restore
it for his personal use. I spoke to him on the phone last summer and he said he was going to move it to Ct. and have it worked on there. I told him is had parts and all the plans which I would give to him. He said
he would contact me when he got the boat to Ct. I have not heard from him to date.
I was pleased that you mentioned the dates that your father owned Heron because that information was missing
from the history that I gathered.
I sincerely hope that the restoration is done and that
she is back racing and sailing.
Bob Pulsch


Thank you so much for your reply, and for confirming at least the possibility that Heron will sail again. I'm sure you feel her loss acutely, and you have my deep and heartfelt sympathy. You brought Heron back from the grave once, and that total rebuild is exactly what can make this next restoration possible.
I still have material about Heron and would be very willing to share it with the new owner, if he is interested. My phone in Castine, ME, is (207) 326-9193 and my e-mail is adscott2@myfairpoint.net.
Thank you again and best wishes,


Thanx for your input. I just talked w. Doug Scott , also in Maine, and told him my experience w. Heron which I have also posted. Any info on where she is and rebuild status appreciated.
Nick Apollonio
HERON alumnus 1960-1987


Hi Nick, you will remember me as the West Rockport artist and music lover, as well as Bear hill hound and all.
We had a party there in West Rockport back in the 60's I think. Denny was there and you and about 25 others. A wonderful circle in the round it was.
Now you know who I am, send me an email to


Great to hear your name, as I remember Horace talking about a person named Scott who wrestled aligators. Maybe he was kidding because he would make up some funny stuff at times. He has been gone now for a while but made it to 92 or so. I sailed Heron during the 70's with my dear wife who left here of cancer in 04.
Please respond, I would love to be in touch with people who knew Heron.
I sent mail to your url with my real name.
Thank you Doug.


I was a good friend of Horace Pettit and did a major rebuild and refasten of her from 1980-82, as much as i could on a very low budget and working outdoors. This involved laminating in place about 20 ash frames with epoxy after removing the interior and cockpit; taking out the engine was not in the budget but would have helped. I also sailed her for him until 1987 when it was obvious she needed a new backbone as well, beyond my expertise and physical setup. I saw her 2 years ago in Rockport harbor and she looked like new.
Nick Apollonio

HERON to be restored??

Does anyone have information on the whereabouts and prognosis for HERON? Last I heard, she was purchased by a gentleman who lives somewhere near Essex, CT, and was to be taken to his home/barn for repair and renewal.
I sent e-mail to Bob Pulch @comcast.com, but it was returned undeliverable.
Thanks in advance to anyone having info.
Doug Scott
Castine, ME
(207) 326-9193 or e-mail at adscott2@myfairpoint.net

HERON, Is there any recent news about her?

Regret that I have been out of touch for some time, but wondering whether there has been any news on the fate of HERON, since reports that she was (possibly) to be rebuilt by someone in the Essex, CT, area.

Any news welcome. My e-mail is now

Thanks in advance,
Alan (Doug) Scott
Castine, ME

Further to my last...e-mail address