Heron History and Design

Tucker Daland one of the founders of the North Haven Maine summer colony, commissioned BB Crowninshield to design a schooner primarily for day sailing. In this design, Crowninshield may have had in mind the lines of his 1906 Dark Harbor 17. Heron was built in Chelsea, Massachusetts in 1911 by R T.Green and Co. and sailed out of North Haven for many years. Horace Pettit, MD bought Heron in 1934 and sailed her over a period of 56 years. When I bought Heron, Dr. Pettit was still alive and I was able visit him in a long term care facility. He told me many interesting facts about the boat and recounted some of his experiences sailing her.

1911-1934 Tucker Daland North Haven, Maine (Capt. Burgess took care of Her)
1934-1940 Horace Pettit North Haven, Maine (Dr. Pettit sold Heron on account of the war and lost track of her.)

1940-1942 Record Lost Long Island Sound
1942-1946 H.K. Legare Dundalk, Maryland (Pettit told me a friend of his reported seeing the Heron in Baltimore and he was able to track her down and purchase his old boat back.)

1946-1948 Kenneth Scott & Horace Pettit Georgetown, Maryland & Essex, Connecticut
1948-1989 Horace Pettit North Haven, Maine
- in 1989 she was found to be unseaworthy and sold to Frank Folscher

1989-1995 Frank Folscher Red Bank, N.J
1995-to present Robert H.Pulsch Port Monmouth, N.J. (complete rebuild-new hull.
- Relaunched June 2000, interior finished 2004

Additonal Historical and Design Details

1918 listing in Lloyds Registry:

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