Use Internet Explorer to Post to the Website

Like others I have been frustrated with not being able to communicate on the website.  I use Google Chrome and it does not work on the website, although it used to.  This morning I loaded (the much disliked) Internet Explorer on my old lap top to see if that would work any better.  Well you can see it does.  If you are having the same problems I was, try loading explorer.  I am using Version 8 today.  Although this is not an official fix, it may work for you too as well.  If you are having website issues and can't seem to get the resolved, feel free to e-mail me at and I will at least try to get together a list for the BOG.  While the old website served us well for many years, it is apparently based on a language that is old and less friendly.  We understand there is an effort to remediate this, and members are advocating for this to happen.  Hang in there.  If anyone is in the Portland Area, Give a shout and lets together.  Its probabably time to have the website started anew and with an all over face lift.