Heron's Restoration

I first spotted Heron at the Belford Marine Railway in the early nineties where I kept my steel hull ketch "Kathleen Mary", which I had built over a ten year period. I joined the American Schooner Association at this time. I loved the wooden schooners so much I thought I would try my hand at building one. The gentleman who had owned Heron wanted too much money for it. In the meantime I put the "Kathleen Mary" on the market and it sold.

In 1995 I was back in touch with the owner of Heron and at this time he was willing to sell it for a reasonable price. It was hogged and twisted. When I got into it I found most of the wood was rotten and mushrooms were growing on the frames. I ended up building a completely new hull during the period from 1996 to 2002. I also replaced the interior exactly as noted on the plans. I re-launched the boat in 2002 and completed the interior in 2004. I initially thought I would re-use the deck and deck beams but they were also rotted. I did salvage the cabin trunk, all the spars and the ballast.

The story of the restoration of Heron:

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