Sam Crocker's Boats

For some time I have wanted to write to you and tell you that I have made two passages on the Grey Gull II designed by you.
I sailed her from the Chesapeake to New York, and recently back again.  We had a variety of weather and sea conditions, and she behaved like a perfect lady under all circumstances.
On the last trip we encountered a brisk southerly immediately upon leaving Sandy hook, and a good sea built up.  I decided to stand out all night, and then stand in next day.  She sailed herself with her helm lashed for 36 hours, sailing as close to the wind as she would were a man at the helm, and this in spite of a heavy sea.  It was a superb performance.
I have always admired your work, and take this opportunity to tell you so.
Boris L. Leonardi, editor, Rudder magazine, November 12, 1945

Design Number 88
Length Overall: 36 feet 2 inches
Length on Waterline: 32 feet 2 inches
Beam 11 feet 1 inch
Draft: 4 feet 6 inches
Displacement:  22,100 pounds

From Sam Crocker's Boats, a Catalog of 103 designs, by S. Sturgis Crocker, 1985, International Marine Publishing Company

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