Saltwind past owners / skippers history

(470, 923, 534, 'Saltwind Ownership / Skippers History', '1926/7 built in N.J. as "Delight" for L.W. Fogg (perhaps a coal broker) of North Hampton, New Hampshire. Several L.W. Foggs found in records, none really match up age-wise to this L.W. Fogg.\r\n\r\nUpdate 1/3/2012; At the request of Mr. Brad Parish, from NY, the American Yacht Club researched and discovered more historic owners info on Delight/Saltwind.\r\n1928 Lloyds, Delight owned by Fulton and Hodges.\r\n1930-1935 Lloyds, Delight owned by Frank Gulden, Bay Shore Yacht Club, NJ.\r\n1936-1937 Lloyds, Delight now owned by Henry E. Butler of Fair Haven, N.J. with a 1935 Buda 3 5/8 x 4 1/2 Oil Eng 4cyc 4 cyl. Member of the NYYC and Red Bank YC. \r\n\r\nDuring 1938, Delight located at Larchmont Yacht Club, New York and sold to Dr. John Thomas Capo, renamed "Saltwind" and sailed to New Orleans and the Southern Yacht Club. (thanks for info supplied by Brad Parrish, Rye NY and his friend, granddaughter of Dr. Capo, Ms. Elsa Norwood, Dallas TX)\r\n\r\nLate 40''s to late 50''s Saltwind with black topsides, first bought by 3 SYC friends; John Weinning Jr., Elroy Eckert and a third man. Mr. Eckert bought out his 2 partners and kept Saltwind at the Southern Yacht Club, selling to Mr. Blouin after about 10 yrs, she keeping her slip there.\r\n\r\nSaltwind on Lake Ponchatrain, John Blouin skipper. \r\n\r\nSaltwind on Lake Pontchartain 60''s\r\nJohn Blouin\r\nMid Gulf reprint from ''50s\r\n Saltwind Skippers\r\nLate 50''s through late 1960''s, skipper; John Bruns Blouin, Bayouside Park in Thibodaux, slipped at SYC, New Orleans. Sporting black topsides and with her centerboard in place. see pictures provided by Betsy, Capt John''s daughter. Kept in Bristol fashion and sailed often in the Southern Yacht Club Friday night races. A son of skipper Blouin, related a story of Saltwind winning a FL to Havana race in 1959 and during the celebration festivities at Hemingway Marina, being visited by a local person of interest, Fidel Castro, who gave the crew hats as a memento.\r\n\r\n1969-1970, PJ Kelly informs me that he knew of Saltwind in Pensacola, July of 1970; Owner was a Roger, having brought her from New Orleans in 1969.\r\nSaltwind with White Hull..1970''s?\r\n\r\n\r\n1971-1977 Pensacola FL, now white topsides, Robert Leffew informs me that he was friends with the owner; skipper Marshal Chapman, who as a shipwright and with Mr. Leffew, put Saltwind back in fine shape, using among other materials, teak from the deck of the Aircraft Carrier "Lexington", perhaps sold as surplus. \r\n\r\n Photobucket\r\n\r\n1979-1985 John W.Wes Evans Jr. and wife Kathy. Married and set up home on Saltwind in 1979. They had a lot of fun restoring and then sailing/cruising "SALT WIND" in Florida and the Bahamas. She won the Green Turtle cruising class division Bahamas Independence day race 1980. Centerboard filled in during this period.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n1986 "Stoney" Slaton Marathon Fl. \r\n1989 sighted at mooring in St. Pete FL area.\r\n\r\n1996 Key Largo charter?\r\n1996 found in Key Largo on the hard.\r\n\r\nPhotobucket\r\n1997? to 2005ish Keith Hanratty, moored near North Palm Beach Fl intercoastal WW. Sank at anchor, towed up St. Lucie to Indiantown Marina. \r\n\r\nPhotobucket\r\nOct 2007 Roger Jahn, had her hauled and put on the hard to sort out. \r\n2009 Trucked to KY for rebuild with white oak and pine.\r\n\r\nFeel free to correct me or fill in the blanks, rjahn at windstream dot net, thanks to Betsy for providing so many dots to connect this once proud Yacht Club racer so well known in the Gulf during the 40''s, 50''s and 60''s as "Saltwind".',

my grateful thanks to Alex Rhinelander for finding this lost page in the dust bin, so I could continue to share the story of this great lady; Saltwind.