Revenge is an Alden 270(h)that was launched by Britt Bros. in 1926. Revenge was originally launched as "Sea Breeze" and has carried the name "Irma Ann" at some point in her life.

She was sailed and raced very hard through the 70's here on the west coast. Of her many races she was first schooner in the 1973 Master Mariners Regatta on San Francisco Bay.

Her original construction was fir on oak with full length planks. Unfortunately, the planking has suffered tremendously from three re-fastenings and damage from iron fasters. All planking is scheduled to be replaced.

Alas, 80 years of iron have taken their toll.

I have completed a new keel timber,new upper stem, new floor timbers,several new frames and several new planks thus far.

I will try to update photos and information as often as possible.

More to follow!

Adam Henley

Line Drawings.

View of new keel just set in place.

Another view of new keel.
New Floor Timbers.
All new floors and structural members are being bolted with Silicone Bronze.
More Floor Timbers.Forward looking aft.Aft looking forward.Portside looking forward.Interior.
I will keep as much original panelling as is salvagable.
More Interior
New frames.
More new frames.
Still more frames.
New lower stem 2006
New stbd stringer 2006
Long Scarf 2006
Portside frames and new plank runs.2006
Starboardside frames and plank runs.2006
New Frames aft.2006
Nice look!!!!Nothing like all new wood!!! 2006

Coming up next....New Stern Post and Horn Timber. Completed Jan 15th 2007 photos coming soon.

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adam henley Revenge

I am the son of Andrew Britt of Britt Bros. I have collected a detailes list of their output from 1902 thru 1941. As you know the Renenge was launched as SEABREEZE The 1930 Lloyds lists ELEDA on Line #1292, and the 1992 Lloyds on Line 1992 lists IRMA ANN V, and Revenge.
My latest knowledge of her was the sales data from Cannell. My e-mail address is if you would like a copy of the boatyard output. I gave all of my dad'd clippings and pictures to Mystic Seaport.

Schooner Revenge

I have some updated photos of the work completed in 2006. I have just finished installing the Sternpost Horn Timber. The goals by year end are to loft and install new transom, finish hull planking and start on new deck. Lots to do!!!

If anyone knows of an Alden 270 that is still sailing I would love to get in contact with the owner.

Thanks Much.

Adam Henley

John Alden Schooners

You do beautiful work. I am looking at a 64' John Alden Schooner that need alot of TLC and about the same amount of work as the Schooner Revenge. I am located in Washington and would like to talk with you before I take on this project. I will be buying a Schooner but at this time I have not found the right one or made up my mind on several points. I am still looking and if you or anyone else know of a Schooner that needs TLC to be saved, please email me at:


Once owned Revenge

I owned Revenge from the the 1980s until sold to a fellow down sound. I believe you acquired it from him? I was happy to find that you are restoring the boat, and from your  posted pictures it looks like it will be able to ply the seas forever...bravo. I live in Bellingham and have sailing photos of Revenge and some tales to tell if you are wishes and good luck.