Plumb stems

This inquiry received from England_____ 

I sent this to Wooden Boat magazine for their suggestions and then found you via messrs Google so thought I'd see if you might be interested in a bit of schooner history and maybe fill me in on the detail. 

Back in 1965 as a 10yr old schoolboy in Blyth, Northumberland, England I found in the coal shed in the back yard of a row of derelict houses next to my school a 3ft long wooden hull, carved from the solid, it bore the very faint name 'Saxon' on one bow and had at one stage in it's life had been painted with black topsides and red below.
Many years later, after becoming a boatbuilder and sailer/restorer of tallships, I came across a childrens book on sailing ships through the ages and found within it a drawing and description of my hull, I discovered she is a plumb stem schooner. Could you perhaps steer me in the right direction of any groups or organizations dedicated to the schooners of Gloucester?  

Many thanks.
Richard J Dodds.





Plumb Stem

Beautiful... Absolutely beatiful lines