Mermaid owner looking for crew opportunity for GCBSR 2013

Hello ASA friends,

The Mermaid is under construction and far from participating in the GCBSR this year or next.  If any participating schooners are looking for a deck hand from Baltimore to Portsmouth, I am your volunteer. I would love to get some schooner-time.

-Topman and Fore Chief, Kalmar Nyckel (current)

-DoT drug screening program (participation current)

-Owner: 43' Pilot House Cutter, 22 NRT

-USNA Offshore Sail Training Squadron

-Safety at Sea Seminars 2011 & 2012

-US Sail Keel Boat Certification

-Age 44, peak physical condition

-Retired US Marine and naval aviator

-Miltary Water Survival Qualified (WSQ)

-Sailing the Chesapeake Bay since 2007

-Can survive on warm coffee and bread...and be happy.


I live in Baltimore and look forward to meeting you all again in October!


-Matt Rajkovich

Crew opportunity

Hi Matt  ___ You definitely need to enhance that resume with a  GCBSR.  I am looking forward to debriefing you at the Pig Roast.  I'm not racing but won't be missing that event.

Stay in touch and have a great race.  

Al Bezanson

Thanks, Al. I look forward to

Thanks, Al. I look forward to that de-briefing.  I'll see you there!