Funding Drive Launched for Schooner Mermaid; Baltimore

Hello Schooner Fans,

Our funding drive on IndieGoGo has begun!  Please take a peek at our story and share the word with your sailing and schooner buddies.  We look forward to moving this boat closer to launch with each step we take. Go to and search "Schooner Mermaid" or use the URL below.

The smaller side of traditional sailing

Unlike most schooner folks I know, I grew up sailing small centerboard boats. The tippy kind. Capsizing was part of the game and appeal (unless, of course, it was late March, as my wife frequently reminds me).

Secretary’s Monthly Update Email - April

I’ve managed to get this second monthly member update email together, so I’m 2 for 2 and doing great. But then again, my boat Quintessence isn’t launched yet so self-congratulations may be a bit premature!

So here goes!

The America's Schooner Cup Charity Regatta

Photo by Cynthia Sinclair

31st Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival


Well known to the world as Gloucester’s major maritime and sailing event, the 31st annual Gloucester Schooner Festival is organized by the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee and Maritime Gloucester.

2015 Camden Windjammer Festival


Celebrate Camden’s maritime heritage and living traditions at the annual Camden Windjammer Festival. From the great age of sail when coasting schooners were launched in the harbor, through the birth of the windjammer business in the 1930s, to today’s windjammer fleet and elegant yachts, sailing ships have always defined our lovely, vibrant community.

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