"Thursdays Child" for sale


Thursdays Child is a Privateer 26 hull converted to a schooner by removing the fiberglass deck and building a new deck, bowsprit, masts, etc. from wood. She has been sailed for 2 years on Carlyle lake in southern Illinois. She is on a trailer now.

Tillicum I is for sale

Adventure Side Trip, Darien GA, 01/16/2016


Independence Seaport Museum Seeks Applicants for Historic Ships Manager Position

Position Description

Historic Ships Manager


Independence Seaport Museum Seeks Applicants for Waterfront Director Position

Waterfront Director
Independence Seaport Museum
Full Time Position


MAYAN - Alden 356-B - Joining Up

We are pleased to have been accepted as new members of ASA and look forward to puttering around on the web site.  By way of an introduction, We've attached a link to the blog about MAYAN.  

Much of her history is in the blog, reading bottom up, but the short version is:

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