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 Restoration Progress – Updated June 2013

Moby Dick: The Marathon

Every year at the New Bedford Whaling Museum they read Moby Dick in its entirety. This year's marathon will commence at 1000 on Tuesday, Jan 3. Click here for more information.

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New Forum Added

We've added a new forum to the site: Books & Book Reviews. This space will allow members to review and recommend books that they've come across that might be on interest to other members. Enjoy!

Down to the Sea, by Joseph E. Garland

When Gordon Thomas retired from writing, his magnificent collection, some 3,500 photographs of Gloucester schooners and waterfront scenes, was acquired by the Cape Ann Historical Association. In 1983, Gordon's friend Joe Garland, drawing from this treasure trove, published "Down to the Sea, the Fishing Schooners of Gloucester." It is beautifully written and illustrated, capturing the feel of an era when Gloucester was truly the schooner capital of the world.

Fast and Able, by Gordon Thomas

This is a very interesting little book, first published in 1952, and updated in 2002 by the author's son, Jeff Thomas II. Life Stories of Gloucester Fishing Vessels. My 1968 edition has details, including photos, of forty vessels and the men who sailed in them. The author noted "Gloucester fishing captains were the greatest mariners in the world. Without diplomas, without engines, without modern navigating equipment, they took vessels to all parts of the North Atlantic and brought them back. Gloucester fishing schooners were superior to any other wooden schooners ever built. Fast, able and handsome, they were famous all over the world."

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