Caulker Wanted

Schooner Adventure is looking for an experienced caulker to finish caulking the port and starboard sides of Schooner Adventure. She is at drydock at Rose's Marine in Gloucester, MA. 3 to 4 weeks worth of work.
Please contact Joanne Souza, 978-281-8079, or

all set

Think this is around 1922

Any one recognise this boat? I'm in love. Phin

Endangered Schooners List

Although the catalyst for the creation of the Save Our Schooners Committee was the current plight of the schooner Ernestina, the committee's charge includes endangered schooners nationwide. To that end, a first task for the committee is to create a list of such vessels and to prioritize it in terms of their significance and state of peril.

We would welcome nominations to our list. Candidates can be submitted to me at

Mary Anne McQuillan

Save Our Schooners Committee

At this year's Annual Meeting it was voted that the ASA establish a committee charged with working to help preserve schooners of historic significance. Those interested in the topic held an informal meeting following the Annual Meeting. The following volunteered to be members of this committee.

Committee Membership
Mary Anne McQuillan (chair)
Jim Cassidy
Carl Herzog
Sam Hoyt
Alex Rhinelander (ex-officio)
Jeffrey Richmond
Mike Santos
Fred Sterner
Laurie Weizen

Any other members who wish to become involved in this project should contact Mary Anne at

Alex Rhinelander
Commodore, ASA

Wing & Wing Publication Schedule

Wing & Wing will be produced quarterly in 2006 with the following publication dates: March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15. The publication will be submitted to the printer on or about these dates with an average five day turnaround. Within five days of receipt of the hard copies from the printer, copies will be mailed to membership by bulk rate mail. Electronic copy of the newsletter will be available on or about the publication date in the Member Area

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