Rig: Gaff topsail schooner
Homeport/waters: Gloucester, Massachusetts
LOA:122' LOD:122' LWL:109'
Draft:13'6" Sail Area:6500 sq.ft
Beam:24'6" Tons:130 GRT
Rig height:110' Hull:wood

Designer: Tom McManus
Built: 1926; Essex, Massachusetts,
John F. James & Son Yard

Perovia II

This is my little schooner. She is 26' LOA, 22'6" LOD, 18'4" LWL, 7'4" Beam, 3.0' Draft, c. 4300# actual displacement (4160 as new), 1640# ballast, 242 ft.sq. sail area, m:109, f:78, j:55, SA/disp.: 15, Displ/lwl: 298, ballst/displ.: 39.4. Built in 1982, she is one of 18 built by Mark Marine of New Hampshire of a Chuck Payne design, in fiberglass with aluminum spars.

Adventure Crew to ASA, Mystic

Hey Al Bezanson,
Hope you're going to be out and about on Friday night this week. Got your article you sent in the mail a bit ago. Hope the Green Dragon is in good order. Looking forward to seeing you and many others this weekend. You shouldn't be eating salty peanuts....bad for the insides, you know. Can't believe it is forty years ago this year we worked together at the NMF Lab in Gloucester. I was only a youngster and its really great to cross paths again. Adventure is coming along fine. Transom is fully framed up and her port side is ready to be planked. We've had a good winter and made good progress. Just communicated with Jim Sharp down in Florida about our progress. Any time anyone wants a tour on her some Saturday, I can set up a date and time and bring any lookers onboard to see her shaping up. Really incredible work going on at the site. Keep the faith.

Thomas E. Lannon (Charter)

Owners: Tom & Kay Ellis
Home Port: Gloucester, MA
Designer: Capt. George Melville McClain (1903), with modifications by the builder.
Builder: Harold A.Burnham, Essex, MA
Launched: 1997

LOA: 90'
LOD: 64' 6"
LWL: 55
Beam: 18'
Draft: 9'
Rig: Gaff topsail schooner
Construction: White oak & mahogany on white oak & black locust

The Lannon is available for charter out of Gloucester, MA.


Sail Area 8,323 square feet
Tonnage 98 gross tons
Designer George M. McClain
Builder James and Tarr Yard
Essex, Massachusetts
Launched February 1, 1894

Onboard Educational Staff 12
Capacity for Social & Civic Events up to 80 persons
Capacity for Educational Day Programs up to 65 participants
Capacity for Overnight or Multiday Programs up to 24 participants

Caught in Irons, by Michael Wayne Santos

This 2002 book about the fishermen's races is written from the perspective of a history scholar with working class roots in New Bedford. The book came about from research work Dr. Santos did in 1993, on sabbatical at Mystic. It is a little hard to find; I discovered it at the Cape Ann Historical Museum in Gloucester, and this lead to inviting Dr. Santos to be the featured speaker at our Annual Meeting in Mystic February 4th.

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