Gulf of Maine Chapter

An ASA Gulf of Maine Chapter is in the process of being formed. If you are interested in joining the chapter please contact me at
Peter Thompson

Schooner Race Rant

I was thinking of the Gloucester race. I know this might not be everyone's opinion, but as someone with a slower boat ----- 36' in a 45' class, I figure I don't have a chance in hell in a reach/reach race with no handicap. That is all about the start and boat speed with a mark rounding or two. I personally wouldn't mind having a short windward part of the course, since outfoxing someone is the only way I could win.

In the news: Ernestina

The attached article concerning the future of the schooner Ernestina appeared in the Standard-Times on Wed., Jan. 11.

Cruise Report: Nathaniel Bowditch

My daughter Lauren is 1st Mate on Nataniel Bowditch. This article recently appeared in Orlando Sentinel.



I've been thinking about adding blogging functionality to this site, and have a test version up and running (for myself only at this point). For the benefit of those who are not familiar with blogging: a blog is an online journal, a place for a user to post about topics of particular interest to him- or herself.

Bring Salty Peanuts

The Pre-Annual Meeting Musical Gathering is in dire need of good salty peanuts, like those beauties you can only find in VA.

Al Bezanson

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