Cruise Report: Nathaniel Bowditch

My daughter Lauren is 1st Mate on Nataniel Bowditch. This article recently appeared in Orlando Sentinel.



I've been thinking about adding blogging functionality to this site, and have a test version up and running (for myself only at this point). For the benefit of those who are not familiar with blogging: a blog is an online journal, a place for a user to post about topics of particular interest to him- or herself.

Bring Salty Peanuts

The Pre-Annual Meeting Musical Gathering is in dire need of good salty peanuts, like those beauties you can only find in VA.

Al Bezanson

Attention DelMarVa Orster Lovers

When you show up February 3rd in Mystic for the Annual Meeting, be sure to pack your knife, because the finest kind of Cape Cod oysters will be on hand at the Pre-Annual Meeting Musical Gathering.

Al Bezanson


Revenge is an Alden 270(h)that was launched by Britt Bros. in 1926. Revenge was originally launched as "Sea Breeze" and has carried the name "Irma Ann" at some point in her life.

Vern Brady - My Hero

Following his practice for the past several years, VERN BRADY's dues renewal check was the first to land in my mailbox. Thank you, Vern. Let his example be an incentive for all of you! Let's work together to make this year ASA's most successful.
Mary Anne McQuillan, Treasurer

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