Old Friends: Former long time owner Charles Hamblett driving Blackbird with current owner Peter Thompson The foredeck crew in 1993 Halyard Seaworthy Pecan on foredeck watch at the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta 1996 Halyard

Wing & Wing and Notice of Annual Meeting

Wing & Wing was mailed on Friday (12/30/05). The outside mailing label on Wing & Wing is coded to identify whether your dues are current, and in which month they are due. The label will also identify if your dues are past due, and what month you last paid. If there is no date the subscription is complimentary, and no dues are required. Instruction for submitting dues are in the Notice of the Annual Meeting, which is an insert page in W&W. The annual Meeting will be on Saturday February 4.

Peter Thompson

Westward Bound in The Schooner Yankee

Lest us forget not some of the older books that also have great value and appeal. I am currently in the middle of Westward Bound in The Schooner Yankee by Captain and Mrs. Irving Johnson. A true time capsule. The first edition is copyrighted in 1936 by W.W.Norton Company, NY NY. If you care to look for a copy.

Schooner Fred has a fascinating library. Any favorites hidden there?

Restoration Progress

 Restoration Progress – Updated June 2013

Moby Dick: The Marathon

Every year at the New Bedford Whaling Museum they read Moby Dick in its entirety. This year's marathon will commence at 1000 on Tuesday, Jan 3. Click here for more information.

Green Dragon


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