March 29, 2009

Articles by Tom Gallant & Randy Peffer

Received the new Wooden Boat Magazine and was happy to see a great article about Son of a Gun, David Westergard and the Schooners of Eastern Canada. Son of a Gun is a nice looking, fast Tancook whaler, a 40' open schooner. Tom Gallant is a member of the NSSA and a author. He used to write some good rants in Wing and Wing, including a special one about the difference between a schooner and a yacht. He has written for many magazines and has a new, hard to find, book called A Hard Chance: Sailing into the Heart of Love.

Randy Peffer from the ASA had an article about sailing with kids called The Powder Monkey Factor published in the Dec Sail Magazine. Randy has written several books - including "Logs of the Dead Pirates Society", "Watermen", and a novel "Killing Neptunes Daughter", as well as more than 50 Sail articles and some stuff for the Lonely Planet travel series as well as other magazine articles.

Notice of Membership Dues - Commodores Message

Over the past several decades we have had a rather casual system of notifying members when their membership has expired and dues should be submitted. It has worked something like this. We put out an annual announcement that dues are due by the annual meeting, since only members in good standing (ie., paid up) have a right to vote according to our bylaws. With this system, everybody paying at some time in year 200X gets to vote at the annual meeting in Febraury in year 200X+1. Plus folks that join late in the year, generally past September, were grandfathered for the entire next year. Then quarterly we have to decide who should receive Wing & Wing, and we further grandfather more overdue members, because a large number of folks don't know they are overdue and pay randomly at some time later in the year. Receiving Wing & Wing then enforces the notion "I must be paid up- I'm still getting Wing & Wing". And then we had member's dues reminders in Wing & Wing several times a year, and no-one knew who it applied to.

NSSA Newsletter

The December issue of the Scoon -- the Newsletter of the Nova Scotia Schooner Association -- is out. Visit the NSSA Website (http://www.nsschooner.ca/) to download a copy of this and past Scoons.

Have a look: this issue is worth it for the cover photo -- captioned 'Gerry Hayman and his schooner Wawaloon experiencing some difficulties with the tourist traffic in Halifax Harbour' -- alone!

Sweethearts of the Caribbean race - 10 years ago

My first time in the Caribbean on a big schooner was on the Spirit of Massachusetts, the 100 ft schooner that is used mostly as a Sailing School Vessel. I wrote it up in some of the old Wing and Wings. Spirit did a 9-week trip with Long Island University students from Boston south in the fall. Then they picked up some charters in the middle of the winter and around the end of Feb, more students flew down to join the boat for classes and after heading down as far as Dominica, they sailed back to LI.


The Schooner Bowdoin serves the students of Maine Maritime Academy and the educational community of new England with a broad range of programs in seamanship and ocean studies.

Bowdoin was originally built for Arctic waters in 1921 and is one of the strongest wooden vessels ever constructed. Commissioned by explorer Donald B. Macmillan to facilitate his work in the high northern latitudes, Bowdoin has made 28 trips above the Arctic Circle.

Design: William Hand
Launched: 1921,Hodgdon Brothers shipyard,East Boothbay, Maine

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