Schooner Shearwater is for sale

A delightful little schooner, 'Shearwater' is a wonderful specimen of a boat-type which is sadly lacking in much of American waters; a reasonably-sized, truly comfortable and stylish traditionally styled yacht. A special blending of the innovative designs of Phil Bolger, plus the rock-solid schooner building experience of the A.D. Story Shipyard of Essex, MA (Builder of a large proportion of the Gloucester Grand Banks Schooner Fleet of story and song!),'Shearwater' represents what so many have longed for; a ship with all the gaff-rigged saltiness that a schooner provides, but in a size that is easily manageable by the modern family. In excellent condition, and now tucked up for the Winter at the famous Crocker Shipyard in Manchester, 'Shearwater' awaits your inspection! Please have a look at the attached photos and full specifications, and see if you are ready to join the ranks of the true mariners of the New England Coast!

Winter Wing & Wing Released

Members: The Winter 05 issue of Wing & Wing has been finalized and sent to the printers. It should mail later this week and you can expect delivery withing the next 10 days.

For those of you who have registered on this site AND been authenticated as members, a PDF version is available for download now on the Wing & Wing page in the Member Area.

Schooner Gear Makes Great Christmas Gifts !!

Don't forget that the Quartermaster's closet is stocked with a number of clothing and other ASA-logo items that would make excellent Christmas or holiday gifts in addition to or separately from ASA gift memberships. Please contact John Senning ( or Susan ( ASAP for immediate assistance and shipping. Best regards and holiday wishes to all hands from John and Susan. Please visit the Gear Page for more information.

Help with Boom Gallows

I've been thinking about upgrading Comet II's boom gallows for a while, but it hasn't been a priority until now: in order to get the boat into her new berth in the shed at the LaHave River Yacht Club this fall we had to remove the old one. It was a bear to get off, and was damaged in the process. So, since the new gallows will have to come on and off annually, it's now time for the upgrade.

Many of Comet's sister schooners in the NSSA fleet have gallows of a similar design, and I'm leaning toward it. It consists of a bronze upright which has been welded to a bronze bar that is bent to accomodate a wooden crosspiece. The uprights are then set into a bronze socket which is screwed onto the deck. A good example of this design is on Tom Gallant's schooner AVENGER (see photos below and on Comet's 2005 Logbook entry).

Tar Baby

At Portland Yacht Services prior to the long haul out for rebuilding.

Specific information to come in the new year.


Tar Baby Designed by John Alden, long considered the world's greatest schooner designer, and originally commissioned for Gilbert Hood, of Hood Daries in 1928, she was launched in 1929. Mr. Hood kept her until 1975, when he sold her to Carl Sherman, of Westbrook, CT. Now she has been purchased by Portland Yacht Services, for a much needed refit. ( Vintage wine needs new bottle)

Lion's Whelp

Lion's Whelp Launched July 18th 2003

65 feet on deck
15'8" Beam
8'9" Draft
74' Sparred length

Alden Design 1044B Niels Heleberg

Strip planked /cold molded with Nida-core between the Frame bays and the ceiling glued to the Nida-core. This approach gives us a hull almost 6 inches thick. I have seen too much really big stuff floating around out there to not give this a try.

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