Gloucester Schooners

Schooner nerds alert: Don't miss the historic annual gathering this year at the 31st Gloucester Schooner Festival, Sept 4,5, and 6. Four out of the 5 Essex built schooners still sailing will be there. Adventure, Lettie G. Howard, Roseway, Highlander Sea (Pilot). Also Columbia, yes, the "new" one, plus three schooners built by umpteenth generation Essex builder Harold Burnham.

Phoenix of the Seas (June 13th at the Cape Ann Museum)

Plan B

Leigh Woodling, Schooner Adventure

Thursday Sails Aboard Quintessence


New American Schooner Association online store

Thanks to the generosity of members Brenda and David Hattery (schoonerMahdee, currently somewhere around San Francisco I believe) the Association has a new online store on Brenda and David’s new venture,SchoonerChandlery.Com.

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