Castine Classic Yacht Race - Schooner Celebration



July 29 – 30, 2015

Low Cost Autopilot

Last year I finished building and testing a DIY autopilot built from Arduino microcontrollers. It steers our 48' schooner quite well. It uses a Raymarine electric motor, but another boat has used a gear operated quadrant motor and anotherboat uses a hydraulic steering system.  For a couple of hundred dollars you can build one, especially if You just want it to steer a course.

Meeting Minutes for the Annual Meeting

The minutes for the Association Annual Meeting held on February 21st in Mystic, CT are available here.

The Trip 'Round Revillagigedo Island

It's been awhile since we've posted here -- much has happened and while we keep the Mahdee blog up-to-date I must admit we've been dismal correspondents here.  Let's see--after "North and More North," we made a nice trip into Ketchikan, Alaska.  We found Alaska chock-full of "empty" places to be.  Mooring balls in the middle of nowhere (thank you, United States Forest Service) and f

Jamie Weisman

Schooner Steelaway for sale

Steelaway is a modern steel construction of a 103' three mast gaff rigged schooner. Welder/Fabricator John Fazzio, former charter boat owner and operator, and oil fields supply boat captain, laid the first plate in 1989, following the blueprints of Tom Colvin, Naval Architect and Master of Steel boat construction.

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