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Is it just me or is the website not functioning properly?? Is there a Block Island Rendezvous scheduled at the end of this month?


Calling all Schooners.   We know it's been a busy summer of events and sailing excursions for many of you.  

Any REAL cloth sails left lurking out there in dry sail lockers/bins? That you would like to get rid of?.

Hello to all of you who can still remember those smaller paneled, real cloth sails....canvas or linen types...we do a number of living history  educational programs,dockside for students and interested general public and would appreciate any leads on a few reasonable conditioned cloth sails....our interest is to show the hand finish work and details that were pretty standard back then.i know

Shipwright Apprentice at Independence Seaport Museum

The Shipwright Apprentice is part of a six-week program focused on boatbuilding at Philadelphia's Independence Seaport Museum’s Workshop on the Water. The 2017 project is centered on work on Phase II of our full-size waterline model of an American topsail schooner, Diligence. The position runs from July 10 through August 18.

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