2016 Voyager Award to Capt. Lee Werth

Free Radar to Member

We are replacing our vernerable Sitex T-100 radar inlcuding radome, cable and CRT display.  As I recall range is about 24 miles.  So if a member is looking for a free radar, just let me know.  Its old technology but it has always worked extremely well, able to descriminate targets clearly including seagulls sitting around the ledges miles ahead in pea soup fog.

ASA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting

2016-04-02 09:30
2016-04-02 14:00

The ASA MAC meeting will be held on April 2, 2016 at the Richardson Museum in Cambridge.  Doors open at 0930 and we will start at 1000. The guest speaker will be Christopher Rowsom who is the Executive Director of Historic Ships of Baltimore.

"Thursdays Child" for sale


Thursdays Child is a Privateer 26 hull converted to a schooner by removing the fiberglass deck and building a new deck, bowsprit, masts, etc. from wood. She has been sailed for 2 years on Carlyle lake in southern Illinois. She is on a trailer now.

Tillicum I is for sale

Adventure Side Trip, Darien GA, 01/16/2016


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