In the news: Ernestina

The attached article concerning the future of the schooner Ernestina appeared in the Standard-Times on Wed., Jan. 11.

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Is Ernestina Caught in Irons?

At the ASA Annual Meeting in Mystic on February 4th, a number of visitors who share the view that Ernestina ought to be kept sailing will be present - people with varied professional backgrounds and expertise in the preservation and operation of historic vessels. In the morning meeting, Mike Santos will be making a presentation, Beauty, Romanticism and Working Class Sport. And Joe Garland, noted Gloucester historian/author will be honored with ASA's annual award. A program highly relevant to Ernestina.

Following the meeting and luncheon at the Seamen's Inne, those interested in sharing views about Ernestina are encouraged to join an informal gathering at the Inne. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is looking for partners to operate the vessel and take on the majority of the cost burden. Although proposals are due prior to the meeting - February 3rd, the scope of challenges facing Effie over the long term merit concern.

Al Bezanson


Ernestina was born as Effie M. Morrissey Feb 1, 1894.