The Staff

Future commodore Nat Weisman assembled his brain trust of octogenarians at the 2014 Annual Meeting, Mystic Seaport.  Nat (8) began sailing on Perception before he was born.

Jay Irwin, 81 .... Jay McLauchlan, 82

Warren Eginton, 89 .... Bob Pulsch 80


As did Alyssa and Emily Swanzey... both crew on Soviet American Sail 1989 (Alyssa's second transatlantic and the one where Emily learned to walk).

On your toes Staff!

Nat has already logged 7,500 sea miles and weathered Hurricane Vince off Madeira when he was two months old.

Call for a New Committe

I hereby propose to the Board of Governers that they engage this young and experienced younger member by appointing him to head a committe to explore ways to increase our junior membership.  First step is to petition the BOG to re-instate the Junior Level of Membership by which he joined.  Go Nat.  I'll sell you our schooner in about 20 years!

New committee, I concur



i'll sell you CASHIER now! But you have to bring your own basket