Maine Boatbuilders Show - March 14-16, 2014

The ASA will not be exhibiting this year, but here are some random photos from 2013. For many of us this event is a reunion with good friends from all over the waterfront.  Craftsmanship and boatbuilding savvy abound.


 Peter Thompson has been the instigator for this show all along and has put heart and soul into hosting ASA friends and prospective members.

 Ex-Commodore Sam Hoyt has never missed the opportunity to greet friends, recruit members and gather scuttlebut for his Dogwatch column in Wing and Wing.

 Boats of every size and shape.  This old Lawley tender was restored by Redd's Pond Boatworks. 


 Catboat from Arey's Pond Boatyard on Cape Cod






 This system will close all your seacocks with the flick of a lever.  It was invented by two young brothers from the Cranberry Isles for their father's lobster boat.

 Our ever-busy neighbors beside the ASA booth

 Covey Island Boatworks built the schooner Tree of Life and was involved in a major way building the new Bluenose II.    Alan Hutchinson, President joined our group for dinner one night and talked about the challenges. 

Directly across from our booth, entrance to the Food Court.  (Highly recommended.)   Capt. Dwight Deckelmann, schooner Roseway, supporter of the Seas of Peace program that puts teenagers from Israel, Palestine and the US together on sailing vessels.

Food Court -- What could be better after a bowl of chili and a beer?

MBBS website

Al Bezanson

More photos from the 2013 MBBS

More photos were added to the post above on 2/19/2014.  Here are a few more.



From Artisan Boatworks, Rockport, Maine.



 From Bristol Bronze



Bob Dollar from R&W Rope.  That's Sandy Thompson behind his shoulder.

The MBBS is located in Phin Sprague's boatyard where there is always restoration work underway.


 Esther & Mudd Sharrigan.  Here is the only place you will find Mudd's seaman's knives and they were sold out by the last day of the show.  Mudd is in his mid-eighties, a competitive swimmer and famed hot-rodder from the early 1950's.  If you were into cars in New England, as I was in those days, you knew about Mudd and there was no keeping up with him.

 Al Bezanson

MBBS Weekend

Al- We'll be going to the show all Saturday.  Free room and board in Freeport to any member who needs it.  If we have enough passer throughs we can always throw a dinner party.  Just let me know at  Peter

MBBS Weekend (Friday)

Green Dragon crew will be at the show Friday and Saturday.  Staying in downtown Portland Friday night.  Anyone intererested in a rendevous can contact me at A2atSchooner39dotcom.