Seeking information about Alden Schooner "Windigo"

I am looking for information about Waldo Kraemer’s 55 LOA Alden schooner "Windigo." In the late 60s, he gave her to Tabor Academy. Not long thereafter, I heard that she was wrecked on Breton Reef, during a schooner regatta/race.

I was paid crew on her in the late 50s-early 60s. Kraemer kept her at the Shelter Island Yacht Club in Dering Harbor.

Looking forward to hearing whatever you might have about her.

Kind regards,
Arthur M Tasker

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On Windigo

She was listed as design number 369, 49'3 LOD, built in 1928 by Gamage.  There is no other Schooner named Windigo I can find.


She is not in our current list of remaining Alden Schooners, or recently lost schooners.  Your infromation on her is probably the most current, and it is more than likely she no longer exists.  You can check the Alden Archives at MIT Hart Museum to see if there is any correspondence in the files between her last owner and the the Alden firm.