Schooner Sugarbabe spent the summer on her mooring

Sugarbabe after her early haul out for paint etc. suffered major engine failure.  She has a G9 SABB Norwegian 10hp engine.  Many friends helped out as we had to bring the engine ashore to do the work.  99% of the parts arrived promptly but as always we had two jokers that had to come from Norway.  Even my son who lives near the factory had difficulty tracing the shipping of these parts. Parts are now here and today the engine when back aboard and the shaft will be aligned tomorrow...cant wait to leave my wheelchair ashore and enjoy a good sail.

 Sans engine off Rocky Neck

Beautiful new paint job at Rose Marine thanks to my good friend Dave Dow with able assistance from junior ASA member Max Ramsey.

The rebuilt Sabb is finally ready for installation 


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late season shake down cruise

Sunday Capt. Dave Dow, Capt Al Bezanson, Capt Spike Remmy, and Capt Stumpy met at 10am and took the Schooner Sugarbabe out for a shakedown cruise. 

Its great to say that both the Sabb Engine worked fantastically and all four new sails worked with the wind to push Sugarbabe near the speed of sound.  Great day to be with friends sailing on an awesome vessel.  Thanks to all.

Capt Stumpy