2015 Annual Meeting

Our National Meeting was held Saturday and was a resounding success. There were lots of new faces and some faces we haven't seen in a while. 

We started off with the traditional Friday night gam. It was a great evening of meeting friends old and new.

We had around ninety people at the Saturday meeting. The complete minutes of the meeting will be available as soon as I put them together.

It was a productive meeting, with the proposed amendment to the structure of the Board of Governors approved after a short discussion.

Mike Rutstein's presentation was very interesting and touched on a number of topics including his new publication "Marlinspike," remarks about his schooner "Fame" and comments about the diffiiculties facing many of the commerical schooners in the community.

The afternoon was topped off with a private tour of the work being done on the steamboat "Sabino" at Mystic's Henry B. duPont Preservation Shipyard and the "Mayflower II."