Jamie Weisman

Just one week after our Annual Meeting in Mystic Jamie passed away.  On the Sunday morning following the meeting a few of us, including Jamie, Laura and son Nathaniel lingered at the hotel to enjoy the camaraderie.  One conversation had been about deck leaks, and Jamie gave an enthusiastic briefing on a paint he had just applied on PERCEPTION.  We talked about how sweet it would be to have no drips below.   We were having such a fine time no one wanted to leave.  I still have a vision of Jamie beaming and enjoying the antics of Nathaniel, 9 and Margaret, 2. It has been a real treat to get to know the Weismans. This photo was taken at the ASA dinner last year, the photo below at the Gloucester Schooner Race in 2013.

A preliminary obituary from the Vineyard Haven Times:  "James Stix Weisman of Vineyard Haven died on March 1, 2015 of a heart related illness in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was 73.

He is survived by his wife Laura, daughter Elizabeth and her partner Amy, daughter Tanya and partner Ari, and sons Don, Zeb and Nathaniel; grandchildren Zelda, Elias and Morgan.  Details and a full obituary will follow."

Jamie's resume of professional work as an architect:  http://terrainarchitects.com/who-we-are/resume/

Saturday, March 7th at 4 PM at the Ag Hall in West Tisbury, there will be a celebration of Jamie's life and our friendship. Bring a candle, and, if you have a photograph you'd like to share, send it to terrain@vineyard.net  and schoonerperception@yahoo.com


Al Bezanson           

Our Condolences

Very sad after just seeing Jamie at the annual meeting.  Our condolences to the Weisman family. 

Peter and Sandy