Maine Boatbuilder's Show this weekend

This is the show that has everthing.  If you can't find it there you don't need it. 

Some may recall that we deployed a task force at last year's show; the mission was to find a "Ten Year Varnish," Here's Peter Thompson with a top contender. 

Friday, after the show, a few of us will congregate downtown in the Old Port, Armory Lounge at the Regency, 20 Milk Street.  Look for two ancient mariners, Jay Irwin and Al Bezanson. We hope to comandeer the big round table.  This is where you'll get the latest scoop on varnish, rum, secret gunkholes, etc.  We may have some Novie friends with us to report on "the winter."  There are plenty of good restaurants close by. 

Saturday night Peter will be hosting a gang at his house. 

Al Bezanson

MBBS Saturday Night Clarification

Saturday nights venue will be dinner in Portland at a location to be determined early Sat afternoon depending on # of RSVPs.  Call my cell or e-mail me at  Cell is in the member directory.  peter

Camaraderie at the Maine Boatbuilders Show

Peter Thompson, sch BLACKBIRD with Ted Romanosky, sch GOOD FORTUNE Saturday night at Ri-Ra.  Sixteen members and friends gathered for fine food and drink.  

Friday night eleven members got together at the Regency. Here Jay Irwin, GCBSR and Perry Davis, sch ALERT are sharing memories of Lane Briggs on NORFOLK REBEL.  Perry's daughter Margaret appears to be planning her next move.

 Al Bezanson