Having fun with Al Bezanson!

Not a thing to do with Schooners except for that whiley Al Bezanson.  For those who don't GET IT ... it's about the little competition between our two football teams and of course the infamous Brady Anderson and the tale of the deflated footballs. Al and I (as well as a few partners in crime that have contributed to the rivalry and are welcome to chime in) have had a friendly rivalry going for a few years now! Top notch bets included, Whoopie pies and Smith Island cake, crab cakes and lobster and a few adult beverages  and the threat of making me wear a Brady jersey to our annual meeting.. no idea what's in store for this years frivolity.. this sign might find a home at One Eye'd Mikes in Fells Point.. Mike is a big Patriots fan .. . Lots of fun to come... GO Ravens!

Tom Brady's Secret Admirer

I first met Nan eighteen years ago when she was liason to Green Dragon for our first GCBSR.  It was her friendship, along with the cadre of volunteers in Baltimore and Hampton Roads that kept us coming back.  And we are still returning nearly every year, even when not racing,  for the famous Awards/Pig and Oyster Roast in Portsmouth.  It's a reunion with best friends I wouldn't miss.  The hospitality we've enjoyed in Baltimore has been really something.  

Nan is the most avid Ravens fan I know, so she was a natural to be publicly roasted as a secret admirer of Tom Brady, the beloved star of our New England Patriots.  I expected she would toss the sign into the oyster roast fire, but instead has agreed to carry it back to Fells Point at great risk to herself.   I can't wait to see that sign in One Eyed Mikes!

You're tops Nan. 

Al Bezanson

Update on Al's gift

Yes, even during this troubling season I remain a fan.  It's been a tough season for our team this year.  I've watched the PAT's rack up the numbers and Brady is playing better than ever.  Those are tough words to get out but ...... the numbers tell the story.   

Just wanted to let you all know that the sign was wrapped in brown paper and carefully taken to One Eye'd Mikes (Mike is a transplant from Rhode Island) where the Patriot's have a small fan base.  Mike is waiting for the perfect moment (that scares me) to unveil this gem.   I'll make sure to get pictures...

PS.. I did try to watch the Pat's play the Giants ....  that didn't turn out so well either.   There's always next year!  

Happy Thanksgiving to all ...