Blackbird's 2015 launch after 16,000 hours of restoration

 “She starts, she moves, she seems to feel the thrill of life along her keel"; [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Building of the Ship, 1849] 

Now in her 85th year, BLACKBIRD (Alden 309Q)  was launched quietly on September 18th after fourteen years and some 16,000 hours of restoration. Sporting her new keel timber, centerboard trunk, centerboard, sternpost, horn timber, rudder, garboards, floor timbers, frames, deck beams, deck, oval mahogany cockpit, ceilings and sole, she is as good as new but retains much original fabric and remains essentially unchanged from her original design and construction.  As testament to Sandy’s superb caulking job, her bilge pumps have not cycled since her first week back in the water.  Her original interior will be re-installed over the winter.  We are thrilled to have her deck under foot once again.   

Peter & Sandy



CONGRATS!!! I've been in a similar position twice before in my 70 years and I know the feeling well. Can't wait to see her "in action"!

Barnacle Bill